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By Liz Sacks

Avery-Hess App Webinar

On 24, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In | By Liz Sacks

Whether you’re a new agent considering using the Avery-Hess Home Search App as a tool for buyers, or an agent currently using the app and wanting a deeper understanding of how to use it, this webinar is for YOU!

Goals of the webinar:

  • Review the features and functions of the Avery Hess app. 
  • Learn the additional features available for the agent app verses the general Avery-Hess version.
  • Discuss options and ideas for marketing your app to your clients. 
  • Review of the dashboard portal.

Register for this webinar:

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By admin

Amy Cherry Taylor’s Webinar: 411 on Purchasing Again After an Economic Loss

On 10, Dec 2013 | No Comments | In | By admin

Looking to better serve clients recovering from an economic loss? Or perhaps you already have clients who could benefit from an agent with a keen understanding of the road to recovering from an economic loss to be able to purchase another home?

Sign up, or sign your clients up, for this informative webinar presented by Avery-Hess’s own Amy Cherry Taylor. In her Real Estate career Amy has done over $90,000,000 in transactions and is not only an agent, but an Associate Broker to our Avery-Hess Regional Fredericksburg Office and a Regional Director of Business Development for our company. Amy has become an expert in the foreclosure market and is eager to share her understanding of the often confusing processes to help her clients and others struggling with similar difficulties. Previously, Amy taught a very successful webinar on navigating the steps and people involved in a foreclosure.

Here’s an excerpt from the promotional material that is being used to describe Amy’s upcoming event:

Earlier this fall, the FHA introduced a new program called “The Back to Work Program” that allows people who have experienced an Economic Event to re-purchase 12 months after the close of the event, if they qualify.  They recognize the previous circumstances do not necessarily reflect their ability to re-pay a mortgage now.

Sign up for this great webinar to find out if you and your family can move forward toward purchasing a home again or what steps you can begin to take to start the journey of reaching your goal of homeownership!

Please register for this webinar scheduled for Tuesday, December 10th at 7:00-8:00PM, by CLICKING HERE to visit the sign up page.

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