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By Liz Sacks

NVAR Legal Update Session

On 02, Oct 2014 | No Comments | In | By Liz Sacks

NVAR’s General Counsel, Sarah Louppe Petcher will guide you through important NVAR contract and legal items that every VA agent should know, including:
  • New contract updates for 2015
  • Home inspection addendum explained. Is your contract really void?
  • Common legal and contract mistakes
The session will end with a Q & A to get all of your legal questions answered!
Sponsored by: Mobility Title…providing the highest quality settlement solutions in Northern Virginia!

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By Liz Sacks

Estate Sale Session

On 15, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In | By Liz Sacks

Mobility Title’s Francis Mroz, Esq. will share his expertise on:

  • Estate Selling a Property vs. an Heir Selling the Property
  • The Requirements for the Executor/Executrix to Qualify for the Estate and the Consequences of Doing So
  • How Agents can Protect Themselves if They’re Not Sure Who the True Property Seller is

To RSVP, email Jamie King at



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