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By admin

Renovation/203K Loan: Centreville REAL Discovery

On 03, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In | By admin

203K Loans: Helping Clients Turn Fixer-Uppers into Dream Homes!

Your clients want to remodel their home and increasing overall value but can’t afford to. Or they find out a lender won’t give them a loan because the home is considered “uninhabitable” as it is. That’s where the FHA 203K comes in!

During this valuable session, George Mason Mortgage’s renovation loan expert, Paul Denmon will cover:

  • Renovation loan fundamentals and how people qualify
  • How the appraisal process works
  • Writing a contract subject to renovation/203k financing
  • Little known facts of how 203k loans can protect sellers listing their homes “as-is”
  • The difference between Fannie Mae’s Homestyle Renovation loan and the FHA 203k

RSVP or learn more by contacting Mandi at

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By Liz Sacks

Star Session: The Anatomy of a Home

On 16, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In | By Liz Sacks

Local luxury design and renovation experts from BOWA will guide us through the structure and
make-up of a home.

Learn more about BOWA:


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