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WOW Factor Wednesday | Renee Mumford (Springfield)

On 18, Nov 2015 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

There is no doubt that online marketing and CRMs are (at present) the future of real estate outreach. They beef up the number of interactions with clients (both current and perspective) and efficiently drip customized messages without much effort. The promise made by these semi-automated business enablers is that, for the busy agent, less is more. So how is it that, without the pomp and circumstance of a dedicated software platform, Renee Mumford was able to nearly triple her sales volume in just one year? Mixing a little bit of spunk with a lot of tenacity, Renee boldly went where most agents fear most, door knocking. While this technique is old school on the surface, Renee’s modern spin on it proved fruitful.

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What all of Today’s Top Prospecting Methods Have in Common…

On 12, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In REAL Strategies | By Liz Sacks

If you were a homeowner considering listing your home, would you choose a local agent that simply sent you an e-blast asking for your business once every few months, or an agent that called you introducing herself and taking the time to share her local expertise? It’s not a very hard decision is it? Continue reading “What all of Today’s Top Prospecting Methods Have in Common…” »

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