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donna henshaw

WOW Factor Wednesday | Donna Henshaw (Tysons Corner)

On 02, Dec 2015 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

In the movies, before the asteroid hits or the love of their life gets on the plane, the protagonist has an “Aha” moment that changes the course of her destiny and leads to a swift and positive outcome. Everyone’s happy. Roll credits. Vacate the theater. Real life, not being directed by a genius director, isn’t so cut and dry. It isn’t dictated by a single, life-changing epiphany. It is an accumulation of years of experience filled with rejection, elation, education, and perseverance. On her way to becoming a multi-million dollar agent (racking up numerous awards for being a perennial top producer in the process), Donna Henshaw worked the less-than-desirable foreclosure market during the downturn, learned from each transaction, and gained new skills along the way.

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By admin

Star Session: Creating a Good 1st Impression

On 15, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In | By admin

Speakers Abram Landes (of A.E. Landes Photography), Donna Henshaw, and Christine Brown are no strangers to optimizing the the marketability of their listings. Join us as they share their success with you.

To learn more about this event or RSVP, email Liz Sacks at

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By Liz Sacks

Star Session: Handling Buyer & Seller Objections

On 19, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In | By Liz Sacks

Speakers – Seema Rodriguez, Donna Henshaw and Sheila Carney will offer their expertise on handling common objections posed by buyers and sellers. Look for a more detailed look at the event as it gets closer!

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