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Scott Avery

Scott Avery

Tysons Corner HQ
Scott Avery

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REAL Strategies

Strategies for a Winning Listing Presentation | Star Session

On 17, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In REAL Strategies | By Scott Avery


It may have been cold and snowy outside, but the great synergies and camaraderie inside the Tysons Corner office got everyone’s competitive juices flowing! Our second Mobility Title-sponsored Star Session of the year was enough to blow us right out the door into the coming spring real estate market. Those who couldn’t make it to the event missed out on a rare opportunity to get real estate training on listing presentations taught by successful agents who list dozens of properties each year and sell them very close to list price in a matter of days. 

Strategies for a Winning Listing Presentation | Star SessionWhile each presentation was unique, the elements of the presentation were very consistent:

  • Have a well documented pricing analysis (including market statistics)
  • Showcase a killer marketing strategy and sample materials
  • Present the benefits of the company (i.e. Avery-Hess, Realtors)
  • Focus on your capabilities as a listing agent
  • Review the home selling process and cover what a seller may need to do to make their house shine.
  • And above all else, each presenter talked about honesty, creating teamwork by engaging the seller in the process, and LISTENING.

There was also a great emphasis placed on building rapport and earning the seller’s trust by understanding the seller’s motivations and knowing what they are looking for.

Each presenter elaborated on the key questions they feel every seller wants to know:

  • Will my house sell? Take time to reassure them it will, and tell them you’d love to market their home.
  • How much will my house sell for, how long will it take, and what do I need to do to sell my house? All sellers have some anxiety regarding their pride and joy and how others may like it. Answering these questions takes a caring and honest approach along with the ability to engage the seller as a teammate.

Then, if you really want to be the best, there are the questions that can separate you from every other agent out there:

  • What makes you different from other agents?
  • What will you do to sell my house?
  • The unspoken one; Can I trust you? Knock it out of the park here and you’re on your way to getting the listing.
  • And finally; How much do you charge? Empowerment and flexibility rule with this one.

As we charge into the spring market, ready to list homes, remember:

  • Have a professional personalized presentation
  • Don’t forget the necessary disclosures or forms and make sure to cover sellers closing costs.
  • Follow up with a personal hand written note or thank you card.

Don’t miss out on the next Star Session. To RSVP for the next Mobility Title-sponsored Star Session:

Click Here to RSVP for the Next Star Session

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Scott Avery

Scott Avery

Tysons Corner HQ
Scott Avery

Latest posts by Scott Avery (see all)

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