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David Hess

David Hess

Executive Vice President, REO & Relocation Division at Avery-Hess, Realtors
David Hess
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REAL Strategies

Relational Farming and Spheres of Influence | Star Session

On 17, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In REAL Strategies | By David Hess

In my last post I outlined the major points from the Mobility Title-sponsored Star Session taught by Amy Taylor, Sheila Carney, and Alex Saenger on Geographic Farming and Prospecting. This week I’ll delve into Relational Farming.

Relational Farming and Spheres of Influence | Star Session“Sphere of Influence marketing is always going to be your number #1 source of business.” – Amy Taylor

Relational Farming | Spheres of Influence

Your spheres of influence are the people you know and the people who know you. To properly use these spheres of influence to your advantage, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do all these people know that you are in real estate?
  • Do all these people know that you are active in real estate?
  • Do all these people know that you are their resource for all things real estate?

The secret to relational farming is making contact and keeping in contact. For this, just like with geographic farming, you must have an organized and calendared plan one year in advance that details:

  • What you are going to send out to your farm
  • How often you are going to contact people
  • What methods of contact you are going to use

Those in your spheres of influence are people you know, so contacting them needs to be more intimate:

  • Phone calls
  • Pop-bys (dropping by)
  • Texts
  • Hand written notes
  • Anniversary of house buying or marriage (or divorce?!)

Ask about kids, dogs, kids sports, job situations, etc. The list is endless! But the important thing is discipline. Everyone talks a good game. Everyone can, more or less, tell you the elements of how to be successful (e.g. engage with more people) but the reality is that most people ONLY do just that – talk a good game. Few actually do the work and get the top results. And the reason is because they have not planned it out in advance. Amy, Alex, and Sheila all emphasized the importance of planning and execution.

As Alex emphasized so well, in relational farming you are looking to build and deepen relationships. You want to be sure that the people in your sphere of influence think of you whenever they hear of someone wanting to buy or sell a home. Most consumers don’t really know how you get paid and that they can, in fact, help you. This is why it is imperative to take things a step further and instruct your closest contacts on how best to refer others to you.

This does not mean beating them to death on Facebook with “all real estate, all the time”. Relational farming within your spheres of influence is never about making deals and earning more commissions. It’s about building and deepening relationships. It is about building your business with a long term focus. By doing this you’ll create advocates who will refer people to you for their real estate needs.

Don’t miss out on the next Star Session. To RSVP for the next Mobility Title-sponsored Star Session:

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David Hess

David Hess

Executive Vice President, REO & Relocation Division at Avery-Hess, Realtors
David Hess

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