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David Hess

David Hess

Executive Vice President, REO & Relocation Division at Avery-Hess, Realtors
David Hess
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REAL Strategies

Real Estate Prospecting and Farming | Star Session

On 11, Feb 2014 | No Comments | In REAL Strategies | By David Hess

Did you make it to the Mobility Title-sponsored Star Session on January 29th where three of our own high producing agents told you how they find business (a.k.a. prospecting)? Amy Taylor, Sheila Carney and Alex Saenger, all high income, top producers shared what they do. No theory here; just stuff that works for them.

Real Estate Prospecting and Farming | Tysons Corner Star Session

“Geographic farming makes you a presence in the market.” – Amy Taylor

Geographic Farming

Geographic farming is when you pick an area of houses to intensely focus on while also making yourself top of mind to every resident who lives there. Farming broadens your exposure to those who are beyond your sphere of influence. When you start a farm, plan to do it consistently over time  and expect to work hard on it for two years before seeing any results (just like a real farm). You must have an organized and calendared plan one year in advance  that details what you are going to send out to your farm and lists your plan of action. Your calendar should answer questions such as:

  • How often will you walk the farm to meet people?
  • What promotions will you do?
  • When will you do mailings and what will they focus on?

Hint: People always want to know what sales activities are happening in their specific subdivision. Once you start a farm, you must ALWAYS be on top of the statistics and ready with an answer when someone asks you a question about activity in your farm area.

Don’t be intimidated if one agent currently dominates an area (which is rarely the case). When you do mailings, don’t be generic and don’t do what everyone else does. Be different. Be specific about your unique selling proposition and about the houses in the area you’re looking to farm. And remember, farming takes time:

“Don’t start working a geographic farm unless you are prepared to work it and invest in it for at least two years without expectation of income.”
Alex Saenger

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David Hess

David Hess

Executive Vice President, REO & Relocation Division at Avery-Hess, Realtors
David Hess

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