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By admin

On 10, Feb 2016 | In | By admin

Foundations for Success

We’ve all been there. You work hard during those pre-licensing sessions, pass your exams and while you’re ecstatic to hit the ground running, you’re not quite sure where to begin. With the Avery-Hess: Foundations for Success launch program, new agents gain the crucial fundamentals to become a highly knowledgeable, valued asset to future clients and excel in their careers.

The launch program has an Eight Week Action Plan that teaches Avery-Hess’s proven farming strategies, prospecting techniques, creative marketing solutions to grow your brand, and long-term business plan development based upon your personal and professional goals. During these eight weeks, you’ll transition into actively working with clients throughout each phase of the buying and selling process. Through this hands-on experience, you’ll be empowered to evolve into your own independent and successful brand.

Plan Options:

  • The Semi-Independent Track:
    Designed for those new agents that like some guidance from their Managing Broker but a little autonomy in their learning, agents choosing this option will navigate the Eight Week Action Plan on a somewhat independent level, checking in with their Managing Broker when noted in the Plan and when in need of advisement.
  • The Mentee/Mentor Track:
    For those new agents wanting the experience and more in-depth learnings of a high ranking Avery-Hess agent, your office’s Managing Broker will pair you with a Mentor that he or she feels you would collaborate well with in terms of personality, workstyle and goals. In addition to the Mentor guiding you through the Eight Week Action Plan, they would additionally assist you in your first three Avery-Hess transactions.

To learn more about the Avery-Hess: Foundations for Success launch program, contact us at Whether you have a few questions or want to set up time to discuss the possibilities in further depth, we’re happy to talk with you.