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(Low) Tech Tips!

On 06, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In Tech Tips | By admin

As a flip on our usual contribution to ‘Tech Tips’ we wanted to explore some of the more Low-Tech tactics all agents should make sure they’re not skipping!

In your quest to be a high-tech agent, keep these low-tech basics in mind:

Network, Network, Network –
Real Estate has always been and will always be personal. The more people you know, the more clients and referrals you get. Immerse yourself in a new group – a community organization, a book club, your child’s PTA, anything! You’ll enjoy making new connections while supporting a good cause or trying a new adventure.

Personal Communication –
Newsletters and social media are great ways to stay in touch with your sphere, but don’t underestimate the power of personal touch. Sending a past client a handwritten note, holiday greeting or home “anniversary” card is a simple gesture that can go a long way. Or pick up the phone and start a conversation; you may be surprised where it could lead!

“Pop-By” and Say Hi –
Show your favorite past clients you still care by visiting their home at least once a year with a thoughtful seasonal gift. Let them know you’ll be dropping by at a certain time and don’t stay long. It’s not the “thing” that matters – it’s the time you took to do so. Follow up with a note and ask if there is anything they need. They’ll love that you went the extra mile to show you still think of them.

Door-to-Door –
This might seem old-fashioned, but if you offer relevant information and services, it can be a great way to get your name out there! Put together a bag with a market analysis for the neighborhood and a letter introducing yourself and the services you offer. Nicely present the information to those who answer and leave it for those who don’t. You never know who is thinking about buying or selling but isn’t sure who to call or what to do next!

Re-engage Clients –
Once a client has bought or sold their home, they tend to lose touch with the market. Help your past clients get re-involved with local real estate trends by sending periodic updates on their local marketing, providing them with information on recent sales activity or offering a home analysis. They could realize it is a perfect time for them to buy or sell again.

Latest posts by admin (see all)

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