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MyLife: March/April 2016

On 09, May 2016 | No Comments | In MyLife Monthly | By Liz Sacks

In this special Awards Edition, we recap our 2015 winners, learn the latest enhancements to Wise Agent’s CRM and gain perspective into global smart home trends of the future.

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In MyLife Monthly

By admin

MyLife: Jan/Feb 2016

On 29, Feb 2016 | No Comments | In MyLife Monthly | By admin

From our designing a new brand strategy to preparing for awards season, catch up with the latest in our Jan/Feb 2016 issue of MyLife!

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Loretta Rossomondo (Lake Ridge)

On 25, Feb 2016 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

This week we launched a mentoring program as part of an eight-week hands-on roadmap for success. Anyone looking to emulate the fundamentals of a top-producing agent will now have the opportunity to do so while having an experienced co-pilot at the helm guiding them every step of the way. This program, which we’re calling Foundations for Success, originated from the organic mentoring that happens in each of our offices but had yet to be put to paper. While each office has its own set of de facto mentors, today we feature Loretta Rossomondo whose leadership and innate proclivity for teaching helped a brand new agent navigate one of his first transactions, leading him down the road to over $1.4M in sales in just seven months!

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Top 5 WOW Factor Wednesday Stories

On 19, Feb 2016 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

Late last October we ran a story with a familiar theme – an agent and her dedication to her clients and her craft. One week later, after the story was published and shared on Facebook, she received three leads from consumers who were inspired by the article. Now, over three months later, we’ve learned that out of those three leads, two of them became clients – hiring the agent to assist them in buying a home. The townhomes her clients purchased resulted in just over $800,000 in total production.

So ultimately what did an article and the power of social media mean for the agent? You do the math!

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Tracy Wenger (Front Royal)

On 10, Feb 2016 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

After working with an investor to flip a foreclosure in Gore, VA from drab to fab, Tracy Wenger thought the next few months as a listing agent would be a piece of cake. However, after looking at the remarks made by the previous agent in the property history, she realized that this transaction wasn’t going to be as simple as she previously thought. As it turned out, a good chunk of her Virginia property was sitting firmly in the Mountain State of West Virginia*.

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Blizzard Update

On 03, Feb 2016 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

The snow has finally been driven out and the cold temperatures have been replaced by unseasonable warmth. As the meltdown continues to unveil the flora of yesteryear, so too has a story that involves a homeless Army Veteran, a church, and an Avery-Hess agent with a big heart.

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Gina Schwartz & Valerie Reid (Fredericksburg)

On 27, Jan 2016 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

It isn’t every day we’re confronted with natural disasters on a grand scale, such as the one we experienced this past weekend. But, when they do happen we are left remembering how fragile life can be and how, despite our attempts to isolate ourselves, we as a species rely on each other much more than we care to admit. It is this fact that brings us to two agents, Gina Schwartz and Valerie Reid (of Fredericksburg), who went above and beyond their duties to find a rental home for a disabled couple that would accommodate their health needs – including enlisting the help of Valerie’s contractor husband to build a handrail.

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Lisa Wan (Tysons Corner)

On 20, Jan 2016 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

With the right level of motivation and the right people providing mentorship and support, you can achieve a lot in a short time no matter what industry you’re in. Lisa Wan, a Seattle native with dreams of becoming a real estate agent, had the motivation. All she needed was 2,300 miles and someone to show her the way.

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Leslie Mytrysak (Fredericksburg)

On 13, Jan 2016 | One Comment | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

One of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make should be managed by a representative who can guide you through the home buying or selling process with equal parts skill and grace. When Leslie Mytrysak joined Avery-Hess, Realtors®, she did so knowing her fellow agents would have those qualities and more. By surrounding herself in a collaborative, knowledge-sharing environment, Leslie is able to utilize the experience of the top-producing colleagues around her by applying their knowhow to her own business. Whether gaining the confidence to become a full time agent, being responsive to inquiries, or being given the opportunity to host others’ open houses, Leslie is thriving through hard work and ample support from a tight-knit group of specialists who continually push each other to excel.

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WOW Factor Wednesday | New Year’s Edition

On 06, Jan 2016 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

For this New Year’s edition of WOW Factor we’re taking a moment to reflect on 2015’s achievements. We asked around the company to see what made everybody’s year a great one. We received everything from personal goals met to heartfelt acknowledgements of the work carried out by colleagues and friends. Take a look and see what they had to say.

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