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2015 November

WOW Factor Wednesday | Cara Schmidt (AH Management)

On 25, Nov 2015 | One Comment | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

Property Management is a different animal in the real estate industry with its own unique set of challenges and victories. While real estate agents deal with issue-prone final walk-throughs and celebrate long-awaited closings, property managers are at their happiest when evictions are the least of their concerns and both tenants and owners are satisfied. When things do take a turn for the worse, the high levels of stress and flaring emotions take an unbelievable amount of positive energy and mental jiu jitsu to be able to flip a crisis into a manageable outcome that works for all parties involved. Enter Cara Schmidt who, after joining AH Management in 2014, has hit the ground running with over-the-top customer service skills that have exponentially increased department efficiency and whose bright demeanor has been instrumental in defusing many sticky situations for both tenants and owners. One particularly sticky scenario involved assisting in an eviction while the home owner was overseas.

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Renee Mumford (Springfield)

On 18, Nov 2015 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

There is no doubt that online marketing and CRMs are (at present) the future of real estate outreach. They beef up the number of interactions with clients (both current and perspective) and efficiently drip customized messages without much effort. The promise made by these semi-automated business enablers is that, for the busy agent, less is more. So how is it that, without the pomp and circumstance of a dedicated software platform, Renee Mumford was able to nearly triple her sales volume in just one year? Mixing a little bit of spunk with a lot of tenacity, Renee boldly went where most agents fear most, door knocking. While this technique is old school on the surface, Renee’s modern spin on it proved fruitful.

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Sherri Embrey (Front Royal)

On 11, Nov 2015 | One Comment | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

Avery-Hess, Realtors® is comprised of seven different offices, each distinctly unique in their personalities and professional styles. What provides each location its local individuality are the agents who, through their combined experience and deep ties to the communities they serve give their clients a piece of themselves in every transaction. One example of how our offices are reflections of our agents is the way the Front Royal office represents the best of the Shenandoah Valley. A fine representative of this can be found in Sherri Embrey whose life on the farm prepared her for a budding real estate career

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WOW Factor Success: The Power of Share

How many times have you been told that in order to make it in real estate you need to, “get your name out there”? Similarly, how many times have you heard that, “Agent Jane Smith gets all of her referrals through word of mouth”? If you’re having trouble getting business, hearing this once is more than likely one time too many. Every empty suggestion and overused expression pushes you farther away from success because the underlying message is, “It’s so easy!”. It’s akin to knowing that one student who “never studies” but always aces her tests. It’s infuriating, frustrating, and is inevitably self-defeating. Where and (more importantly) how are these mega-successful real estate agents raking in the leads when you’ve tried every BNI Group, lead generating tool and direct mailer imaginable?! Continue reading “WOW Factor Success: The Power of Share” »

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