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2015 August



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In MyLife Monthly

By admin

MyLife: July/August 2015

On 28, Aug 2015 | No Comments | In MyLife Monthly | By admin

In this latest issue of MyLife see Rockville and Tysons’ Nats Night out, get into smart home mode for September’s Star Session and learn three different approaches for testimonial success!

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Greg Mullan (George Mason Mortgage, LLC)

On 25, Aug 2015 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

Each of our seven offices comes equipped with seven amazing loan officers, specialized in helping any agent find the perfect loan for their client. They’re especially keen on the areas in which their offices serve, making them a huge asset to anyone smart enough to do business with them.

Greg Mullan is one of those amazing loan officers.

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Frances Irizarry (Centreville)

On 19, Aug 2015 | One Comment | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

Like most new agents taking their first steps towards economic independence through the entrepreneurial venture of real estate, John entered the scene with excitement. However, like many newer agents, that unbridled optimism turned into the rather daunting reality that clients wouldn’t automatically be lined  up at the door. He  would have to go out and get them.

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Theresa Marshall (Front Royal)

On 12, Aug 2015 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

Creativity, resourcefulness and incredible people skills. These are qualities that will take you far in the world of real estate. The proof is in Front Royal agent, Theresa Marshall’s incredible success during her first year of being licensed. Like many beginning agents, Theresa had the dual challenge of having a limited marketing budget and being an industry unknown in the local community.

In this week’s WOW Factor Wednesday, Theresa has found a way to implement both bold and outside the box marketing strategies, increasing her visibility among prospective clients without spending a fortune. Also, her notably consistent batting average of one sale per month as a rookie is a testament to her spirit and tenacity — including a sale that involved a six-offer agent free-for-all that was handled with the grace of an experienced agent resulting in an offer at $10,000 over the listing price for her client.

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WOW Factor Wednesday | Kim Ramey (George Mason Mortgage, LLC)

On 05, Aug 2015 | No Comments | In WOW Factor | By Andrew Lander

Lately, WOW Factor Wednesday has been promoting the theme of teamwork. This week, that theme continues with an invaluable partner to the Avery-Hess Lake Ridge Office, George Mason Mortgage’s Kim Ramey. She has been instrumental in making dreams come true by turning would-be renters into full-fledged buyers, including Teddy Spittal’s client: a 24-year-old Millennial veteran who was told by another lender he didn’t qualify!

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